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Hedley Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
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NJAW 2006's full entry reads:
> amphibian. a. dewelvennek; dor ha mor

In addition, some of the adjacent entries admit into UCR the Greek prefixes amfi-, amfo-.

We might also note that both German and French have borrowed from Greek the adj. amphibie.

By contrast, Welsh (in GPC, Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru) offers us dauelfennog, dywelfennol, and tirddyfrol (< tyr + dyfr + -ol, 'land-water-ous').

All this suggests:
—NJAW's dewelvennek is fine;
—while his dor ha mor has the virtue of rhyming, it is biologically too restrictive: there are freshwater amphibians to consider, after all, for whom we might use *dor ha dowr > best *dor-ha-dowr
—taking the UCR entries "aquatic. dowrek", and "marine. morek", and using them to calque the final entry in GPC, might give us *dordhowrek for amphibians in general, and *dorvorek for marine ones.
—alternatively, we might wish to use Nance's offerings †dever, devrak (the latter also being in UCR) for an older feel > *dor ha dever, *dordhevrak
—we might also consider *amfibew(ek) as general terms for scientific use, as they are closer to international scientific terminology.

Any thoughts?

Eddie Climo

On 2012 Hed 4, at 09:39, Herbie Blackburn wrote:
> …Nicholas Williams has ‘dewelvennek’ for Amphibian…
> Jon wrote:
> > Can anyonesuggest the best way to translate the word "amphibious"
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