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The word enuedzhek occurs once only as far as I can see. It is found in Lhuyd's preface to his Cornish grammar AB: 222
where he says: 

dhort genauo an bôbl en Gorleuen Kernou en enuedzhek en pleu Yst 'from the mouths of the people in the West of Cornwall, especially in the parish of St Just'

A variant form anuezek occurs a little later on the same page where Lhuyd writes:

en anuezek Mr. John Keyguyn a’n Tshei izala en Por Enez 'especially Mr John Keigwin of the Lower House in Mousehole'

enuedzhek, anuezek are Lhuyd's Cornicisations of Welsh enwedig 'special, particular'.
The word has nothing to do with inwedh 'also'.


On 6 Oct 2012, at 19:00, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> I've been wondering about the word ‹enuedzhek› which is found in Pryce's Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica. RLC dictionaries list is variously as ‹enwedgak›, ‹enwejak› and ‹enwedzhek›. Gendall glosses it as 'particular, distinct, individual', and gives a Lhuydian attestation ‹enụedzhek› which I am unable to find. Ken George emends it to ‹ynwedhek› meaning 'additional'. I would very much appreciate opinions from whoever feels he or she can comment on this word. 

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