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Sat Sep 15 09:46:28 BST 2012

This message from Jenefer Lowe contains the expression war'n wiasva 'on the website'.
Can anyone tell me what is the warrant for war'n as an abbreviated form of wàr an?
In the texts warn without an apostrophe occurs of course in such forms as 

dek-warn-ugans y vos gures OM 960
a thek-warn-ugans sterlyn PC 1554
deag warn iggans NBoson

There warn is a variant of war used before ugans. It is not a contraction of wàr an 'on the'.

I have searched for war'n, warn, uar'n 'on the' in traditional Cornish and have been unable to find any examples.
Where did *wàr'n originate? It seems a bit like Nance's dhe 'at' of places. Unwarranted but
prevalent nonetheless.


On 14 Sep 2012, at 16:05, Lowe Jenefer wrote:

> Na wreugh ankevi bos kedhlow adro dhe’n argerdh ha formow dhe worra yn rag testennow ha tybyansow war’n wiasva lemmyn.

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