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Tue Sep 25 17:45:03 BST 2012

I believe it's "cylindre" in French (Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's  
Secret Service).


On 25 Gwn 2012, at 17:35, Hedley Climo wrote:

> Nicholas's 2006 dictionary offers us the calque:
> 	top-hat, topper. hot owrlyn, -ttys owrlyn
> Although they have been made out of silk "hatters' plush", they have  
> more commonly been made of felted fur or wool, or cotton velour  
> (according to Wikipedia). Alternative English names for it include  
> not only 'silk hat', but also beaver hat (as in the risqué Irish  
> air, Cock up your beaver!), high hat, cylinder hat, chimney pot hat,  
> and stove pipe hat.
> Other languages call it Zylinder Hut (German), Sombrero de copa alta  
> (Spanish), Haut-de-forme (French), and my favourite 'Lum hat' ('lum'  
> is Scots for a chimney).
> So, in addition to Michael's delightful 'hot chymbla', and  
> Nicholas's 'hot owrlyn', we might try calquing 'hot ughel', 'hot  
> syjan', or 'hot hyrgren'.
> On 2012 Gwn 25, at 16:25, Jon Mills wrote:
>> Can anyone suggest a Cornish translation equivalent for 'top hat'?
>> Ol an gwella,
> Eddie Climo
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