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Janice Lobb janicelobb at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 20:35:31 BST 2013

I know this isn't about spelling - but I would like to hear what other
people have to say.
If you have more than one adjective, how do you decide what order to put
them in?For instance Little Red Hen: is she a red hen that is little or a
little hen that is red? (In English I would say she is a red hen that is
So, is she Yar Rudh Vian or Yar Vian Rudh? And do you still mutate Bian to
Vian even when it is not directly next to the noun? (Eddie has An Yar Vian
Rudh in his excellent little book which I am ruthlessly converting into
SWFL for my students - by the way I see the on-line Baldwin Project has the
stories with the same illustrations)
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