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I knew about the Greenbank Hotel. Fowey as the Sea Rat's town is new to me.
The essence of the WitW is social class. Toad is gentry with more money than sense.
Ratty is solid middle class and goes boating.
Mole is lower middle class as is clear from his underground house in the chapter Dulce Domum.
The Badger is respectable working class and he talks like a police constable. He uses learn for teach, a confusion which cannot be rendered in Cornish.
The weasels are the less respectable working class who inhabit the Wild Wood i.e. tenement buildings in a seedy part of town.
It is not an easy book to translate.


On 7 Apr 2013, at 14:38, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> It probably is, Jan, possibly the Fowey river.  The book was largely written at the Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth, and the town described by the Sea Rat is Fowey.

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