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But of course Cornwall's railways are just right

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> I knew about the Greenbank Hotel. Fowey as the Sea Rat's town is new to me.
> The essence of the WitW is social class. Toad is gentry with more money
> than sense.
> Ratty is solid middle class and goes boating.
> Mole is lower middle class as is clear from his underground house in the
> chapter Dulce Domum.
> The Badger is respectable working class and he talks like a police
> constable. He uses learn for teach, a confusion which cannot be rendered in
> Cornish.
> The weasels are the less respectable working class who inhabit the Wild
> Wood i.e. tenement buildings in a seedy part of town.
> It is not an easy book to translate.
> Nicholas
> On 7 Apr 2013, at 14:38, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
> It probably is, Jan, possibly the Fowey river.  The book was largely
> written at the Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth, and the town described by the Sea
> Rat is Fowey.
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