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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
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On 18 Apr 2013, at 20:00, Daniel Prohaska <daniel at ryan-prohaska.com> wrote:

> I should say the SWF does as best it can by giving ‹mynn› only, i.e. with a short vowel and no pre-occluded SWF/L variant **mydn. Of course KS has the advantage of a diacritical mark to indicate shortness of the vowel by writing ‹mìn›.   

This is not correct. In the first place, KS doesn't use ‹ì› at all; it uses ‹y›. In the second, KS has a simple rule which is based on the SWF rules. In stressed monosyllables, ‹i› is used for [iː] and ‹y› is used for [ɪ] and ‹nn› is only used where words pre-occlude in the revived language. Thus KS writes ‹myn› and ‹jyn› and no one can get confused and say *mydn or *jydn for these words. 

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