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I'm not sure about "significant". That would depend on how you perceive the 
differences. I have a preference for <ei> over <ë>/<ÿ>. This is mainly 
because it removes an unnecessary diacritical mark. I don't like <ô>/<ê> in 
words like <clôwes>/<clêwes>, nor <ê> in words like <yêth>. This is 
over-specification*, and they did not appear in KS1. I have a preference for 
<-f>/<-ff> over <-v>. This is mainly because it looks to be more authentic. 
I prefer <ch> over <k> for the Greek letter 'chi'. Again, this appears to be 
more authentic. I like the idea of a colloquial register.

[ * English does not over-specify. It is the most successful and most learnt 
language on the planet. Of course, a little tidying up might help. See 


Andrew J. Trim

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OK, guys. Name the significant differences between KS1 and KS.

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