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With apologies for having 'lurked' (and learnt) for so long ....


Nicholas Williams would mutate the second adjective in 'yar rudh vian' but not with an intervening 'ha' (page 7 in Desky Kernowek).  As to order, I suspect it depends on how the speaker regards the relative importance of the adjectives in question i.e. it's a personal thing to some extent.  I would think of the hen in question as a red one which is little i.e.  yar rudh vian but others might think of it as a red-coloured little hen.  


If (in English) a noun and its adjective are a unit of sense e.g. a little boy, then any adjective would come in front - a nice little boy.  Not sure that this is the same as a little hen however.


But I also like Ewan's 'ever-decreasing circles' idea.





Pat Parry


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I think that it would be <Yar Rudh ha Bian>, and the <B> should not mutate (even if the <ha> were omitted.)  However, Welsh would mutate the <B>. Why the difference? Perhaps Cornish mutated but did not write the mutation – or perhaps Cornish always included the <ha>.





Andrew J. Trim




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I know this isn't about spelling - but I would like to hear what other people have to say. 

If you have more than one adjective, how do you decide what order to put them in?For instance Little Red Hen: is she a red hen that is little or a little hen that is red? (In English I would say she is a red hen that is little) 

So, is she Yar Rudh Vian or Yar Vian Rudh? And do you still mutate Bian to Vian even when it is not directly next to the noun? (Eddie has An Yar Vian Rudh in his excellent little book which I am ruthlessly converting into SWFL for my students - by the way I see the on-line Baldwin Project has the stories with the same illustrations)



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