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Jan, Michael, 

‹curun› 'crown' is indeed a bit of a problematic word, as we cannot say for certain how it was pronounced in Cornish. Here are the attestations I could fin:

curun (VC), curyn (PC, RD, TH, JK), guryn (PC, RD, TH), curen (BM), cvryñ (BK), cvryn (BK), keeren (H), ᵹẏryn (Lh) corun (Pr); 

cf. MB curun, B kurun; W corun, coron; < L corōnā;  

I can't find Gendall's ‹kîran› anywhere but it looks as though he bases it on Hawk's ‹keeren›. 


On Apr 30, 2013, at 11:13 AM, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 30 Apr 2013, at 08:19, Janice Lobb <janicelobb at gmail.com> wrote:
>> "crown"  is a good example of the problem. The SWF dictionary gives curun;kurun giving no indication that the two [u]s are different. Dick has kîran giving a much better pronunciation guide. I don’t know what KS does.
> cùrun [ˈkʊɾən] or more narrowly [ˈkʊɾᵻn] 
> Lhuyd writes ‹tan ᵹẏryn› [tən ˈɡərɪn]
> I would read ‹kîran› as [ˈkiːrən] and would treat this as a (?rather) late metathesized form /ˈkʊɾᵻn/ > /ˈkᵻɾʊn/. The texts give mostly ‹curun› amd ‹curyn› I believe.

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