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Wed Aug 7 12:02:55 BST 2013

A gowetha,

Lowen of deryvas bos 3 lyver noweth dyllys gans Gwask an Orlewen, dalleth mys Awst.

• 39a) An Woth Owrek, ha whethlow erel.  L.Leslie Brooke
	(106ff., 9.7" x 7.4", edel vedhel, £7.95)
Dhe brena adhya Spyrys a Gernow, po war lynen orth: 
Del yu scryfys war an folen wy,
	"Ottany cuntellyans a beswar whethel fay murgerys, dasleverys gans L. Leslie Brooke, 
	lymner Bretennek geryes da, a dhelynyas ragon lyes lymnans mur aga thanvos, 
	setel sley aga jolyfta. An whethlow yu: An Woth Owrek, An Try Ors, 
	An Try Forghellyk Byghan, ha Tubm Bys Bras."

• 39b) The Golden Goose Book. L. Leslie Brooke
	(104ff., r-lyver PDF £0.00. 30 lymnans lun-folen lunlyw)
Dhe yscarga orth:
As it says on the web page,
	"Here's a collection of four favourite fairy tales, retold by L. Leslie Brooke, 
	a famous British illustrator, who created lots of attractive pictures for us, 
	full of subtle wry humour. The stories are: The Golden Goose, The Three Bears, 
	The Three Little Pigs, and Tom Thumb. This e-book is a companion volume to 
	the Cornish Edition, 'An Woth Owrek', and can be used to help learners of Cornish."

• 33d) Tarosvan Canterville / Das Gespenst von Canterville. Oscar Wilder
	(100ff., 9" x 6", aden vedhel, lymnys. £7.45)
Dhe brena adhya Spyrys a Gernow, po war lynen orth: 
Del leverys war an folen wy,
	"Ottany dyllans Kernewek/Almaynek an whethel murgerys-ma, usy ow mos 
	gans an ken try dyllans dywyethek adhya Wask an Orlewen. Covath dydhan 
	an Anken a gefy Tarosvan Chas Canterville, pan dho y Hellow Hendasek 
	ha bos trygva an Menyster American dhe Lys Sen Jamys.

	Here we have a Cornish/German edition of this favourite story, to accomapny 
	the other three bilingual editions from Gwask an Orlewen. An amusing Chronicle 
	of the Tribulations of the Ghost of Canterville Chase, when his Ancestral Halls 
	became the home of the American Minister to the Court of St. James."

Oll an gwella,

Eddie Climo
Gwask an Orlewen
	Kernewek Squyr—Na Gows Ken !

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