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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Wed Jan 2 10:57:59 GMT 2013

Bohill is a contraction of Bole Hill (Eng.) and, as you say, it refers to the legend of the founding of Glasney Collegiate Church.  There is no sign in records of any spelling that hints at a Cornish origin.

I can suggest this for Gaten-Banns:  Yet an Bans - "Gate at the hollow" (yet + an + pans).  In Late Cornish, an initial Y was often pronounced as a soft J (something like the S of pleasure) "Park an Jet" being commonly found for "Park an Yet"; Venton Jean for (an) fenten yeyn.  By extension J is often represented in Late Cornish by G, and even GG (spriggan for spyryjyon is one example).


On 2013 Gen 1, at 22:01, Janice Lobb wrote:

> Another Bo- name that has been puzzling me: Bohill in Penryn. Very old street. I have heard various suggestions including Bole Hill and Bee Hill (because of the legend of the town's founding) but could it possibly derive from Bos and Heyl or similar?
> Also on country road near Perranporth, old house called Gaten-Banns Cottage which has me baffled.
> Any wise words on either?
> Jan
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