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I have: Ha rag why dhum kerené, my a re dhyuch Bosvene, Lostuthyel, ha
Lanerchy (OM 2399) - Lostwithiel and Lanner/Lanergh I get. Hope this helps
- thanks Craig.


On 2 January 2013 18:09, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:

> I'm not sure what Bosvene refers to.  Can anyone supply the contact of OM
> in which this occurs, because that might help, especially if any other
> places are mentioned.
> It seems very early to be Bodmin (Bosvena late C17).  Alternatively, -
> vene could well be veneth, "hillside" (lenited).  Shortening of meneth
> occurs at a very early date in some names.  However, there is no
> Bosveneth/Bosvena/Bosvene other than Bodmin (which is bos + menehy, "church
> land").
> Craig

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