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> I'm glad you didn't opt for /ue/ which would have been even further from what I would like for Late Cornish. It is the presence of the letter /u/ that causes pronunciation problems. I know this debate is about spelling, but lurking in the background is pronunciation, about which we have no direct evidence. Is it fair that Late Cornish learners have a harder job than Middle Cornish learners in reconciling what they see with what comes out of their mouths?

That is why we distinguish ‹u› which is pronounced [iː]~[i] in Late Cornish from ‹û›/‹ù› which is pronounced [uː]~[ʊ] in Late Cornish.

I know ‹u› looks different from the ‹î› you might be familiar with, but the rules for pronunciation are designed to help in any case.

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