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Desky Kernowek is a grammar for learners. The editorial decisions were made to assist people learning the language.
That is quite a different matter from the spelling per se.

We can in KS write

yth eson ny
th'eson ny
th'eron ny

The spelling is the same system. 

We can write
dhe vy or dhymo vy.

We don't need to write dhe why because dhywgh why can be pronounced dhe why.

Incidentally dhe why is already in Middle Cornish:

fest yn creff me re beghas
ihesus ze wy ow querze PA 104b and there are many further exx.

Danen, danon is Late Cornish but is already in PA:

Thy gour hy a zanonas PA 123a.

Genama is already in PA:

te a vyth yn keth golow
yn paradis genama PA 193c.

Ve for me is Late Cornish, but is in PA:

Hag a pe yn della ve
neffre ny vean fethys PA 73a

[And if it were, I, never would I be overcome]

One of the reasons that I dislike the absolute distinction
made between Middle and Late Cornish is that
there is no real difference. Many of the features of the later language
are already in Middle Cornish.

eran ny for eson ny is in SA
dhodh'ev is regular as <thotheff> in TH.
kenyver tra 'everything' is in PA 208c.
pecar for kepar is in SA 61a.

The MC/LC distinction is false. Consequently, in my view,
using an English based spelling for LC rather than a variant of the traditional
spelling was, I believe, a mistake.


On 15 Jan 2013, at 11:22, Chris Parkinson wrote:

> I am indeed confused. What is the rationale for such editorial changes which alter the original text?

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