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Hedley Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
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Mordon Nance in his excellent 1938 Dictionary offers us this entry:
> tròvya, trouvya. vb. to discover, find.
> 	P(ryce. Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica), Tonkin MS. (Mid.Eng. trove)
I wonder, though, whether this word might be an earlier loan from Norman French.

Nicholas Williams in his 2006 Dictionary likewise has:
> trovya.  see under discover, find, locate

The absence of this lexeme in the SWF dictionary is unsurprising, as that is a less than thorough piece of lexicography. On the other hand, Desky Kernowek makes no claim to be a dictionary, and the sections you refer to name themselves as simply K-E/E-K Glossaries, evidently included both to act as paradigms of Kernowek Standard spelling, and to help readers with the copious instructional text that it contains.

Oll an gwella,

Eddie Climo

On 2013 Gen 19, at 22:07, Janice Lobb wrote:

> Dick Gendall has trouvia for to find but I cannot find a version of this in the SWF dictionary or in Desky Kernowek. Comments?
> Jan
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