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We should be careful not to be overly dismissive of the way that others pronounce Cornish. Learners should be commended for attempting to speak Cornish at all. There is nothing more off-putting to a learner than being told that they do not pronounce correctly. And the person who criticises can appear supercilious and bigoted. We should remember that theories of how Cornish should be pronounced abound, and that theories of how Cornish was pronounced in past centuries are conjectural.
 Ol an gwella,
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 I have to agree with Jan's comment here, which isn't too optimistic about the future of spoken Cornish. Most of the the critics speak Cornish like a South Eastern Englishman trying to speak French, What they say sounds like received (received from whom?) English with unfamiliar words. Nothing Cornish about it! 


 On 2013 Gen 20, at 13:01, Janice Lobb wrote:

 Ken, until there are examiners who are competent to judge the fluency of someone speaking with a Late Cornish "accent", I wouldn't bank on passing Grade Four speaking no matter how good you get! 
 Oll an gwella

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I would very much welcome details of how to obtain Dan’s Desky Kernowek audio courses.
Pronunciation has been my downfall. For this reason I failed the oral at Grade Four a few years ago and have postponed the attempt to rectify it ever since. When I was first teaching myself Gaelic from books in the days before audio courses of any kind I found I virtually had to relearn my painfully and erroneously acquired Gaelic once again from scratch. I have no desire to repeat the process with Cornish. Hence my reluctance to continue further.
An ken Ken 
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 One of the huge problems of learning Cornish so far has been the lack of accessibility to exemplar speakers (whoever they may be) and deficiencies in the orthographies resulting in poor pronunciation.

 I've been enjoying Dan's Desky Kernowek audio courses - though I'm not as aware of good and bad practice!

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