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Wed Jan 23 17:41:11 GMT 2013

I'n the advanced class in Camborne we are reading Caradar's 'Trystan  
hag Ysolt'.  Remarkably Caradar seems to avoid most of the mistakes in  
grammar that Nicholas identifies as being common amongst speakers  
today in 'Desky Kernowek'.  The only mistake that I can recall is his  
use of 'nefra' to mean never in the past.  (We are eternally grateful  
to Hedley for republishing it and his brother for tytpe setting and  
editing the text).

It seems that the standard of spoken Cornish has declined over the  

On 23 Gen 2013, at 11:06, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> Much revived Cornish looks so unlike real Cornish precisely because  
> it avoids borrowings. Caradar understood this and used mona 'money',  
> not arhans, which means 'silver'. He called a shop shoppa, not  
> *gwerthjy. He didn't as far as I am aware use *dewotty but tavern,  
> etc.
> If we are reviving a language without a continuous tradition of  
> native speakers and without a sizeable community of people for whom  
> Cornish is a first language, we should, I believe, revive the  
> language as we find it, not as we would wish it to be. Otherwise we  
> are conlanging.

Ray Chubb


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