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 Tus seems to mean 'men', not 'people'. 'People' is pobel. Look at the following:

moyses me a commond thy’s ha the aron kekyfrys mayth ylleugh yn mes a’m glas tus benenes ha fleghys ‘Moses, I command you and Aaron also that you should depart from my kingdom, men, women and children’ OM 1585-88
tus benenes ha fleghys ymons omma dyvythys ha’ga pyth degys ganse ‘men, women and children, they have come here and brought their belongings with them’ OM 1611-13
dun alemma the’n mor ruyth tus benenes ha flehys the’n tyreth a thythwadow yw reys gans dev caradow ‘let us go hence to the Red Sea, men, women and children, to the promised land which has been given us by dear God’ OM 1622-25
Der agis gweras gwren ef maraw gans tus ha boyis ywys, ru’m Arluth Du heb parow! ‘With your help let us kill him with men and boys indeed, by my peerless Lord God!’ BK 3250-53
enna ev a vettiaz gen trei vertshans a Trerin, teez pleaw, toaz dre mez an fear Ka’r Esk ‘there he met three merchants from Trerine, men of the parish, coming home from fair of Exeter’ BF: 16
Nena Herod perêg e gwellaz fatal o geaze gwreaze anotha gen an teze feere, yw engrez; ha thavanaz mehaz, ha lathaz oll an flehaz a era en Bethalem, ha oll an dro, en dadn deaw vloth coth, a tho an termen a reeg e gofen thur an teez feere ‘Then Herod, when he perceived he had been deceived by the wise men, was angry and sent out and killed all the children who were in Bethlehem, and all around, beneath two years old, from the time he enquired of the wise men’ Rowe
Eye vedn gwerraz dege teez dendle peath a’n beaze ‘They will help their men earn their living’ JJenkins.


On 23 Jan 2013, at 18:43, Janice Lobb wrote:

> I'd hate to accuse you of being sexist BUT how do you know Boson wasn't talking about the women as well?

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