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I am hoping that going to Tregedna will strengthen my Cornish!

On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 8:13 PM, Nicholas Williams <njawilliams at gmail.com>wrote:

>  *Tus* seems to mean 'men', not 'people'. 'People' is *pobel*. Look at
> the following:
> *moyses me a commond thy’s ha the aron kekyfrys mayth ylleugh yn mes a’m
> glas **tus** benenes ha fleghys* ‘Moses, I command you and Aaron also
> that you should depart from my kingdom, men, women and children’ OM 1585-88
> *tus** benenes ha fleghys ymons omma dyvythys ha’ga pyth degys ganse*‘men, women and children, they have come here and brought their belongings
> with them’ OM 1611-13
> *dun alemma the’n mor ruyth **tus** benenes ha flehys the’n tyreth a
> thythwadow yw reys gans dev caradow* ‘let us go hence to the Red Sea,
> men, women and children, to the promised land which has been given us by
> dear God’ OM 1622-25
> *Der agis gweras gwren ef maraw gans **tus** ha boyis ywys, ru’m Arluth
> Du heb parow! *‘With your help let us kill him with men and boys indeed,
> by my peerless Lord God!’ BK 3250-53
> *enna ev a vettiaz gen trei vertshans a Trerin, **teez** pleaw, toaz dre
> mez an fear Ka’r Esk* ‘there he met three merchants from Trerine, men of
> the parish, coming home from fair of Exeter’ BF: 16
> *Nena Herod perêg e gwellaz fatal o geaze gwreaze anotha gen an **teze**feere, yw engrez; ha thavanaz mehaz, ha lathaz oll an flehaz a era en
> Bethalem, ha oll an dro, en dadn deaw vloth coth, a tho an termen a reeg e
> gofen thur an **teez** feere *‘Then Herod, when he perceived he had been
> deceived by the wise men, was angry and sent out and killed all the
> children who were in Bethlehem, and all around, beneath two years old, from
> the time he enquired of the wise men’ Rowe
> *Eye vedn gwerraz dege **teez** dendle peath a’n beaze* ‘They will help
> their men earn their living’ JJenkins.
> Nicholas
> On 23 Jan 2013, at 18:43, Janice Lobb wrote:
> I'd hate to accuse you of being sexist BUT how do you know Boson wasn't
> talking about the women as well?
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