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On 2013 Gen 23, at 16:10, Hewitt, Stephen wrote:
> Ffraeth in Welsh means witty, jocular.

Indeed it does, and the Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (free PDF edn.) agrees with you. However, its complete entry has rather more to say (my underlinings):
> ffraeth.
> 	(a) fluent, eloquent, loquacious, glib, talkative, flippant, witty, humorous; saucy, bold, sharp-tongued; sharp (of taste), pungent.
> 	(b) ready, swift, prompt, lively, spirited; generous; ripe, fruitful.
> ffraethaidd.
> 	fluent, eloquent.

>  Fraezh in Breton means clear, well-spoken.

I was informed by an L2 speaker that this Breton word means 'fluent'. Alas, I only have one small Breton dictionary, which assures me that the meaning of fraez is 'anus'! It has no entry at all for fraezh, unfortunately.


Eddie Climo
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