[Spellyans] Suffix -yeth in KS

Daniel Prohaska daniel at ryan-prohaska.com
Mon Jun 3 16:00:07 BST 2013


Perhaps you can answer my question. Reading "Devocyon dhe Greryow" I saw that KS spells the suffix (SWF) -ieth as -yeth which suggests a pronunciation [jəθ] in words such as ‹mythologyeth, mainoryeth, Bùddyeth, canybalyeth, chromotografyeth, damcanyeth, kevarhewyeth, kevrinyeth, plansoryeth, radicalyeth, Satanyeth, technologyeth›. The SWF pronunciation is [ˈiːəθ], i.e. with two syllables and long stressed /i/, which is not only a continuation of KK, but also UC and UCR, e.g. ‹medhygyeth›, which is written ‹medhygȳ•eth› in dictionaries which also indicates disyllabicity and a long stressed /i/. Why does KS write ‹yeth› and not ‹ieth›? 

Why is ‹Renêssans› thus spelt, when KS could also spell *Renaissans yielding the same pronunciation and be closer to English and French from which the word is borrowed?

What would be the modalities for propsing spelling changes in KS, also in the light of the SWF Review? Will KS follow such changes where they make sense to you and Nicholas?


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