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> The reasons I'm inclined towards it do not include believing that it's intrinsically the best possible system for Cornish.

The political reality is that 5 years ago, some sort of compromise in terms of features people (though they) could live with were cobbled together in 5 days of hostile negotiations.

Calls for a proper linguistic review were not heard. Experts who have been dealing with the SWF for 5 years were excluded from the review panel. The SWF has nevertheless *had* such review

> It will be interesting to see whether some of the perceived weaknesses will be improved or whether it will get worse; also, whether it will move closer to the way some people write or closer to the way others write or in some other direction of its own. Or whether it will remain substantially the same.

I predict it will remain substantially the same, perhaps with a few minor improvements, offset by some random Kemmynisms thrown in. 

> And for this I am grateful -- that since KS based itself on the SWF, it will let me (who have chosen the SWF for now) read KS more easily
> than some other spellings, and that reading in it will make me less likely to misspell when attempting to write SWF.

You won't find anything more interesting to read in the SWF. And you certainly won't find as good a grammar as Desky Kernowek. 

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