[Spellyans] An error in Desky Kernowek

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 13:16:30 GMT 2013

The following has recently been brought to my attention.
An error which was originally in Clappya Kernowek has been carried over into Desky Kernowek §6A.1.
I say that in the third person singular the long forms of bos, yma and ymowns can be used with an adjective 
and I give the examples *yma ev clâv and *ymowns y pòr deg. 
Neither sentence is correct.
Yma, ymowns can be used with some adjectives but not with them all.
It is correct to use yma, ymowns with ogas 'near', marow 'dead', yn few 'alive', pell 'far' and parys 'ready'.
Yma, ymowns can also be used with any verbal adjective, e.g. yma va serrys 'he is angry', yma cleves codhys warnaf
'a disease' has fallen upon me', yma va tregys obma 'he lives here', yma an lyther screfys 'the letter has been written' 
'He is sick', however,  is to be translated Clâv ywa or Yth yw ev clâv or Ev yw clâv.
'They are very pretty' should be rendered Pòr deg yns or Yth yns pòr deg or Y yw pòr deg.

I am very sorry that this error was allowed into Desky Kernowek.
It will be removed in the next edition.

I can only echo to every reader of DK the words of Maximilla:

gaf the'm ov fegh my a'd pys OM 2726.


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