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There is little reason to write <n'orave> rather than <na ora vy>, since as far as I can see <n'orave> is confined to Lhuyd.
Native Cornishmen write na ora vee or na ora vi.

Here are all the examples I can find of gorama, goraf vy, etc.

gas ve the remembra fatla or ve in ta tha honora 'let me remember how I can well honour you' SA 59
Na ora vee drel an Kembreean gweel rag tho gwytha ge tavaz ‘I do not know what the Welsh can do to maintain their language’ BF: 29-31
N’ora vi skrefa na mui ‘I can write no more’ AB: 250b
rag nag enz buz nebbas, buz deu po try a orama anetha ‘they are only a few, but two or three that I know of’ BF: 25-7
leb ma leverres gena [vee an peth] a orama dro tho an tavaz Curnooack ‘where I have said what I know about the Cornish language’ BF: 29
ymowns ow tos omma thyn bys haw mos in kerth alemma arta ny woryn pyscotter ‘they come here into the world and go away again hence, we do not know how soon’ TH 6a
an letherau war an mean beath ez en eglez Burian, na oren pendra tho weel anotha ‘the letters on the tombstone which is in Buryan church, we do not know what to make of them’ BF
po res dal an vor, na oren pana tu, thuryan, houlzethas, gogleth po dihow ‘when it is necessary to keep to the road, we don’t know which way, east, west, north or south’ Pryce

BF refers to Padel's Writings of the Boson Family.
This analogical paradigm is based on the 3rd singular gor, rather than on the historic stem godh-
Na is not elided before oraf vy/orama by native Cornishmen.
These analogical forms are already in Middle Cornish as can be seen form fatla or ve in Sacrament an Alter and ny woryn in Tregear. 

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