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Deiniol Jones deiniolabioan at gmail.com
Tue May 14 23:37:55 BST 2013

Michael Everson wrote:

> Does etymology help between Irish and Cornish? Not at all. Is it  
> particularly helpful between Welsh and Cornish or Breton and  
> Cornish? Not really, if you look at the actual Cornish texts. Breton  
> is a little handy for KK since the 1980s, but that language might  
> well not have been understood by speakers of Traditional Cornish.
> Does Proto-Brythonic or Old Cornish help ANYBODY to learn Cornish?
> I do not believe so. It's neither practical (since nobody knows  
> either) nor useful (since the etymological spellings lead to fairly  
> random "patterns" that don't help anyone remember anything.

Obviously, this is just personal experience speaking, but as it  
happens I'm in disagreement here. As a Welsh speaker who's studied  
Breton and made a fairly in-depth study of Gaulish, Proto-Celtic and  
in particularly how the latter becomes the modern Brythonic languages,  
I have to say yes, it does help. Significantly. While my active  
production of Cornish might be on the scant side (I've not made a  
serious study of the language for several years- but even so working  
through Clappya Kernowek was made easier by my knowledge of the  
related languages and their common parent), I have fairly good passive  
comprehension of Cornish solely from knowing about Proto-Brythonic. It  
would not be at all inaccurate to say that I learnt to read Cornish  
from Nicholas Williams and Kenneth Jackson.


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