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My exact words were:
It might have been a labio-dental similar to English /v/, but it might also have been an approximant, closer to English /w/.
Because we have no native speakers we cannot describe the exact phonetic value of any letter in any form of Cornish at any date.
I made a fairly innocuous remark that possibly the v in tavas < OC tauot might have been closer to English /w/ than to English /v/.
In the absence of native speakers it is not possible to be any more precise than that.
I also suggested that the rounding effect of this ?bilabial element might have been the reason that in the transition from OC to early Middle Cornish
the oe of tauot did not unround but remained rounded. This might have explained why <tavas> was so common and <taves> so rare. 
Since <tavas> is the common spelling of the Middle Cornish for 'tongue', I prefer it to <taves>.
All quite unobjectionable, I think.


On 15 May 2013, at 11:44, A. J. Trim wrote:

> I thought that you were saying that the <v> in <tavas>/<taves> could have been a /w/. 

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