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Michael, thank you for your patient and clear replies to us RLC users. Not
everyone who makes contributions to this list is a Celtic scholar or a
philologist or is familiar with all the details of Cornish Today. Some of us
are particularly interested in teaching and learning, and some have a Welsh
speaking background, or maybe Breton. I think Ray Chubb's put-down is ill
advised and might well discourage less talented contributors than himself.
This would be a loss. Chris


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I think that Nicholas has hit the nail on the head. In the absence of native
speakers we can never be absolutely sure about how to pronounce Cornish.
Therefore we stick as far as possible to native spellings. 'tavas' is
attested many more times than 'taves' so that is what we should be using.


Reading some of the opinions here it is almost as if Nicholas had never
published Cornish Today. I never thought that it would be necessary to
regurgitate the points made in that volume 18 years after its publication.
At least not in the company of Celtic language scholars. 


On 15 Me 2013, at 12:40, Nicholas Williams wrote:

I made a fairly innocuous remark that possibly the v in tavas < OC tauot
might have been closer to English /w/ than to English /v/.

In the absence of native speakers it is not possible to be any more precise
than that.


Ray Chubb





Agan Tavas web site:  www.agantavas.com


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