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…and by John Anstis and by John Keigwin (AB: 222).  Of Lhuyd's three donors of manuscripts John Keigwin was reckoned the most learned in Cornish.
Yet Keigwin (who was born in 1641, well after the Middle Cornish period) had a very imperfect grasp of Middle Cornish spelling and syntax. 
This can be seen, for example, from his version of the Lord's Prayer:

Tas Den ny es in Neff, benegas yw tha hannaw, tha bongath may fo gwres, in Nore pocare hag in
Neff. Ro tha ny gen bara ny hithow ha pub dyth, ha gava tha ny gon Kabmoth bar pocare tra gon
Cabmoth gava tha ny. Dyra ny mes a Demtation, ha ledya ny mes a Drog. Amen an della Robo.


On 19 May 2013, at 10:01, Chris Parkinson wrote:

> Lhuyd writes in
> the preface to his grammar that he got the best part of his learning 'from
> three manuscript Cornish book, put into my hands by...Sir Jonathan
> Trelawney, Bishop of Exeter.' 

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