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Thu Nov 14 14:38:17 GMT 2013

A esyly wheg,

Edreg a'm bues mes res yw dhym deryvas dheugh adro mernans Hilary Shaw. Kefys hy a vue marow yn hy gwely nans yw dew dheth.  Deg bloth ha peswar ugans o hy.

Hilary o omlathores andovadow abarth Kernewek Unyes dres lyes bledhen.  Moy ages henna hy o ledyores an class Falmoth dres lyes bledhen, ynweth, class a'n jevo sowena heb par. Ynweth hy a scryfas an kevres lyfrow cors Unyes -  Dyllansow Davas ha pos yw dhe re ahanon aga forsakya awos aga bos, yn sempel, mar dha.

Pella, hy o scryvynyades scoren Kernow an Guntelles Keltek hag a wrug restry lyes servys eglos yn Kernowek.

Hy fassyans yw coll muer.

I regret to inform you about the death of Hilary Shaw. She was found in her bed two days ago. She was ninety years of age.

Hilary was an indomitable fighter on behalf of Unified Cornish over many years. Furthermore she was the leader of the Falmouth class again over many years, a class which had a success without equal. Also she wrote the series of Unified course books - Dyllansow Davas which some of us are reluctant to abandon because, simply, they are so good.

In addition she was secretary of the Cornish branch of the Celtic Congress and organised many church services in Cornish.

Her  passing is a great loss.

Dheugh why gans trystans,

Ray Chubb

Caderyer Agan Tavas


Agan Tavas web site:  www.agantavas.com

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