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dhywgh is not a verbal form but a prepositional pronoun.
The spellings of dhywgh 'to you' are various and include:

dyugh, zyugh, thyugh, zyvgh, thewgh, dewgh, devgh, theugh.

As to verbal forms, in KS we write -ewgh in the 2nd plural imperfect in disyllabic verbs, e.g. yth esewgh, but -owgh elsewhere.
Thus gesowgh not gesewgh. This agrees with gesowgh, gesow in TH.
We do write êwgh, kewgh, gwrewgh, of course, but here -ewgh is both stem and desinence.


On 8 Nov 2013, at 12:05, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> A technical question.  In 2pl. verbal forms why is -ywgh employed for <dhywgh>, but -ewgh elsewhere?

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