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> Michael,
> Our policy on reviews is set out in the 'Guidelines for feedback' which are on the Holyer website.

It says “Although it is not the policy of the Holyer an Gof Organisers to provide feedback about entries as a matter of course, we will be happy to provide an unattributable summary of Readers' assessments upon request from the Publisher."

Please supply this; thank you. 

> There is a public list of all books submitted - it is put up on the website soon, and usually within 24 hours, of the closing date for entries.  It is taken down at the same time that the Nominations are announced - this has been out practise since the website was set up a couple of years ago.

I submitted four books in the 2012 competition. 

Desky Kernowek: A complete guide to Cornish
Entry Class 1.0 – Cornish language books for teaching

Flehes an Hens Horn
Entry Class 1.1 – Cornish language books for children

Ky Teylu Baskerville
Entry Class 1.2 – Cornish language books for adults

Phyllis in Piskie-land: A tale of Cornwall inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland
Entry Class 2.0 – Books for children of primary age

While only one of these (Desky Kernowek) was “nominated” the fact that there is no public record of these books having been submitted effectively acts to prevent the general public from knowing that the books exist. 

I do not believe that it is right, for instance, for Holyer an Gof to indicate  that “Ple’ma Spot?” was the winner in Class 1.1, but to have no indication that “Flehes an Hens Horn” (or any other book) was submitted in Class 1.1, regardless of whether it (or any other book) was passed over for “nomination”. 

Similarly, while it is nice to know that John Parker’s “Gwariow Mus” won on Category 1.2, it does not seem right to keep the information from the general public that “Ky Teylu Baskerville” — or other books by other publishers — was submitted in that category. 

And the same can be said for “Phyllis in Piskie-land” in Class 2. 

It takes every publisher time and effort, and the expense of supplying books, to enter the Holyer an Gof competition. It is, in my view, wrong for the applicants’ submissions to be censored from the public record, whether or not they are “nominated” or “win”. 

I think that all entries by all publishers should be shown, for all previous competitions, wherever this information is available. I can readily supply this information for the books which I as a publisher have submitted in previous years. 

> I can confirm that your books are in Kressen Kernow.  The only exception was the Bible, and you will remember that we discussed this and it went to the Royal Institution at your request.

Thank you, that’s splendid. I was not worried about previous years, but I was just checking about this year’s submissions. 

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