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This has to do with whether pre-tonic Proto-British */ɔː/ (Proto-Celtic *ā) was shortened early, later (after the stress shift) or not at all. Schrijver has written extensively about it in his "Stdies in British Celtic Historical Phonology" (Amsterdam/Atlanta, 1995). Might be worth checking out. 

As far as the prefixes he- ~ ho- (< *se- , *so-) go, I think (if memory serves) he said that all British dialects (which later evolved into Western British then Welsh, and South-Western British then Cornish and Breton) shortened the vowel in these pre-tonic prefixes. But I'll have to check again.


On Nov 9, 2013, at 2:26 PM, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> The ending -oleth in sansoleth, drockoleth, skentoleth might be a further instance.
> The Breton equivalent of sansoleth is santelezh, with e.
> On 9 Nov 2013, at 12:14, Linus Band wrote:
>> As soon as I do, I will look whether I can find any other examples of this retention of the rounded quality before l.
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