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I guess their situation is more akin to Scottish Gaelic which hangs on by the skin of its teeth and despite recent government intitiatives in Gaelic Medium schools , a vigorous programme of place name signage , it is nothing short of a miracle it manages to survive as a 'living language' at all. 
One of the on going problems is that the young of its own native constituency are so immersed in the culture of its gigantic neighbour that they themselves tend not to perceive active use of the language as 'cool' and so the English swamps them and their thought patterns become primarily stamped in English as it were. Certainly one wonders if many natives have a terribly wide command of the lexicon and have to switch to English to cover more advanced discourse. 
Of course in the past the churches provided a strong counter balance, conducting regular services in Gaelic and there is a highly sophsticated theological 'register' which is a fine example of how the language could easily cope on other fronts. 
It is depressing to relate that despite its overwhelming cultural and numerical dominance, even the mildest attempts to shore up the weaker language often result in ignorant hostile outbursts! One would think a language  with a constituency of a fraction of a percentage of its imperial neighbour posed a deadly threat to it! Right enough, though- David did slay Goliath!!

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  Isn't there also Saterlandfriesisch in Oldenburg?

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    There are four North Frisian dialects:
    Mooring (there are variations between West and East Mooring):  Fohr-Amrum (again some variations in West Fohr and Amrum); Sylt; Heligoland.


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