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Thu Nov 14 10:26:05 GMT 2013

That's very heartening to hear.  Although I have a copy of 'Desky Kernowek', I've yet to see 'Geryow Gwir'  (I need a few nice payments from clients first!).  Who knows - we might get a workable SWF yet!

As you know, being advisor to the Signage Panel, I have to work within SWF and, at times, it's a struggle to be comfortable with it, and I remain very sore that Trad. graphs continue to be sidelined into extinction.  The place-name Masterlist is only being compiled in Main Form, which has forced me into keeping and compiling a duplicate list which has both Main and Trad. forms.

I'm happy to say that, from the point of view of historicity, much more sense is being applied to that subject than would have the case 5 or 6 years ago, and my presence on the Panel, armed with my own researches, is proving to be worthwhile.  (There were times, early on, when I came close to withdrawing altogether).  To date, the list now contains about 1500 names.   Of those, I oppose 5, and question - to varying degrees - about 12.   Which, overall, is a hugely better result than I feared would be the case.


On 2013 Du 14, at 10:06, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> Yes, Nicholas' comments were very much appreciated and I corresponded with Albert how best to work them into the SWF Glossary. Nicholas' comments very much influenced choices that were made in the Glossary, but so were his previous writings on lexical issues in Cornish, and no doubt "Geryow Gwir" will be equally influencial in the future.
> Dan
> On Nov 13, 2013, at 7:00 PM, Herbie Blackburn wrote:
>> Nicholas,
>> Regarding your incredibly well though out and time consuming set of comments (A-Z in 7 parts) about the SWF Glossary – were these ever taken into account and responded to?
>> Regards
>> Herbie
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