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Thu Nov 14 20:53:26 GMT 2013

On 14 November 2013 21:36, Janice Lobb <janicelobb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Philip - so what about /i>e/?

That's one of the places where KS makes it possible to extrapolate a
later pronunciation from an earlier one, since it offers the letter
"ÿ" for this purpose to indicate a sound which is an earlier /i/ and a
later /e/, as opposed to an /i/ (long or short) which does not change.

Here -- in theory -- one letter would be sufficient since some could
read the letter as /i/ and others as /e/ (parallel to, say, "u" or
"oo", which some read as /y/, /o/ and others as /i/, /u/, or to KS's
"â" which stands in for SWF/M "a" and SWF/L "oa"). In all those cases,
this would be a case of basing the spelling on an earlier
pronunciation but providing sufficient information to extrapolate a
later one.

The SWF as it currently stands doesn't allow this extrapolation
reliably since not all "y" words get pronounced with /e/ later. (And
not all "a" words get pronounced with "oa" later, etc.)

Current KS, of course, also allows ÿ words to be spelled with ë (and
it allows êw words to be spelled with ôw) -- and vice versa in each
case --, presumably because of the spelling variants in the SWF.

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