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Cornish most definitely was spoken on the Scilly Isles, and a very high
proportion of place names are Cornish. Don’t know enough to know if it had
its own dialect though!


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Linus, Daniel and others..


Many thanks for a fascinating and stimulating insight into the Frisian
language. It quite makes me want to get some grammar books on it and start
to 'dabble' in what is by all accounts, after all, the closest language to

And I hope it isn't perceived as too off topic from our Cornish concerns! 

By the way, was Cornish never spoken on the  Scilly isles?



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Yes, but also because of he settlement history of North Frisia. The islands
were settled up to 500 years earlier than the mainland, but even the
mainland shows marked dialectal diversity. This is because the language was
only spoken locally. Historically, across the region Low German or Southern
Jutish were used as Linguae Francae, in modern times Standard German and
sometimes Danish. The island dialects of Föhr (NF: Fering) and Amrum (NF:
Oomram) are remarkably close, though they each show variantion even on the
respective islands. All in all, linguistically North Frisia is an extremely
divers place!




On Nov 14, 2013, at 3:05 PM, Ray Chubb wrote:

Due to the fact that North Frisia consists of a number of islands. 


On 14 Du 2013, at 10:04, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

The NF dialects are partially quite divergent on all linguistic levels, so
much more difficult to squeeze into one 'unified' system than Cornish would


Ray Chubb





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