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Cornish was the language on the Isles of Scilly (often just "Scilly", but
never "Scilly Isles", by the way), but its use died out c.1700, earlier than
when it became moribund as a community language in West Penwith and the
Lizard.  Several Scillonian place-names show Late Cornish characteristics,
such as pre-occlusion and S>J.  Scillonian English has developed its own
dialect and dialect vocabulary, a paper on the latter being published by
Charles Thomas in JRIC some years ago.


Thomas (whose book: "Exploration of a Drowned Landscape", Batsford 1985;
about the archaeology and history of Scilly, is required reading) believed
that he had found the Cornish word for "Scillonian" in a record of a man
described as "Sullouk", i.e. Syllowek.  The Cornish name for Scilly is well
attested as: Syllan (but never "Enesow/Enesek Syllan").  The apparent
collective name probably stems from the fact that the bulk of the present
islands formed a single land-mass until c.500 AD, with a few off-islands to
its SW - the origin of the lost land of Lyonesse legend.  In the now
submerged area, round house settlements and field patterns can be seen from
the air against the sandy bottom in many places, by virtue of the fact that
seaweeds fix themselves to the stone walls.


Thomas believes that the islands are named after the Celtic goddess Sulis
("sillis"), also commemorated at Bath (Aquae Sulis); her name meaning
something like "The Watcher".





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