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I can't offer a judgement for Bath, but in Scilly, it's most likely to refer to a perceived watcher over mariners on the hazardous journey to and from the mainland.  A mariners' shrine of Late Iron Age-Roman period date, was excavated on the island of Nornour, close to the then landing place in a former inlet between the island and St Martin's, and containing a wealth of votive offerings.  The literal meaning might well be "eye", but implies vision.  The element also appears in names like Eselt (from the Tristan legend), ad-siltia, "to be gazed upon" or, literally "at-gazed-she" (similar to the Greek Miranda).


On 2013 Du 15, at 13:45, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> Sulis really means 'Eye' and is feminine so can be applied to a female deity. Cf. Irish súil 'eye'. The word originally meant 'sun', and is cognate with Cornish howl.
> The basic meaning was 'sun' (cf. Gk hêlios) and was later used for 'eye' in Goidelic.
> How then was the sense of 'eye, watcher' used in Scilly and Bath?
> I don't think that the semantics of the word have really been worked out properly for Celtic. 
> On 15 Nov 2013, at 09:54, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> Sulis ("sillis"), also commemorated at Bath (Aquae Sulis); her name meaning something like "The Watcher".
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