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Hedley Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 6 12:08:51 BST 2013

A gowetha whek,

I had hoped we might get something more consistent than SWF v.1, and with SWF/Trad having equal status to the 'KK-Lite' form. However, I fear that we'll have nothing of the kind, especially given how many KKites have packed the various committees and panels. If that were how things do turn out to be, then Gwask an Orlewen for one will publish nothing further in the SWF. We'd stick to historical Cornish, UC, UCR, RLC and KS.

In fact, I made this very point in my submission to the Review Board: if SWF/Trad were to be given equal status to the non-Trad form, then most of G an O's back list would immediately be made available for transcribing into SWF/T v.2.

Still, we see the various forms of Traditional Cornish appearing in more books than do KK or SWF/K, and they're of far better quality both linguistically and in design terms. Just look at what's been produced over the last few years by Agan Tavas, Evertype, Spyrys a Gernow, Gwask an Orlewen et al—it puts the KKowethas and MAGA into the shade.

And to add to that impressive list, I'll shortly be announcing Gwask an Orlewen's first set of Yuletide publications for 2013, with several more to come before An Jeth Bras.

Oll an gwella dheugh, sos.

Eddie Climo
Gwask an Orlewen
	"Kernewek Squyr—na scryf Ken!"

On 2013 Hed 4, at 11:39, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> They haven't even corrected the spelling mistakes and typos in the document… v. sad. The Review is looking worse and worse. I fear we'll be getting some kind of "broken KK".
> Dan
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