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In order for the SWF project to survive, it has to have consensual support from all parties. If a substantial number of Cornish speakers lobby, MPs and councillors, saying that they object to their taxes being used to fund an orthography that they reject, if they lobby heads of schools to say that they object to their children being taught the SWF, and if people take direct action against signage in the SWF (by removing it ot altering it), then the CLP and the SWF project will not survive. There is no alternative to genuine consensus, and consensus requires accomodation of all the various strands and preferences of the Cornish language community as a whole.
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On 2013 Hed 6, at 23:51, Christian Semmens wrote:

…IMHO with no radical change to the SWF in favour of trad graphs, AT and the Cussel should reject the SWF

I agree entirely, Christian. If SWF Mark 2 goes the way we fear, then I will do two things:

(1) As I stated earlier, Gwask an Orlewen would publicly and explicitly refuse to publish anything in SWF Mark 2. G an O's extensive backlist for youngsters and learners--which comprises UC/R books, ebooks, e-comix, videos, etc.--would NOT be made available in it, but would be offered for transcribing into any of the trad orthographies. This adds up to over 40 titles so far, with more on the way.

(2) I would propose a motion for Agan Tavas's next AGM to revise its constitution to withdraw support for the SWF (or, at least, the 'Main/KKised' form), and to explicitly support nothing but historically based Cornish orthographies. The motion would also urge AT to publicise this decision as widely as possible—incluidng an article for the MAGA Newsletter!

…and throw their lot behind KS whilst still allowing themselves to use whatever they wish.

At present, Gwask an Orlewen supports all trad Cornish orthographies, and has published in just about all of them, including KS. G an O refuses to publish anything at all in non-trad forms such as SWF/'Main' and KK. This stance is based on that of AT's constitution which currently, and for political reasons, does support SWF/'Main'.

I would urge the Cussel and the other publishers in Traditional Cornish to consider adopting a similar position.

That way the unified future of Traditional Cornish is KS with historical forms in no worse a position than they currently are in. OK, the war starts again,
Actually, the war never stopped. All that started was was a change in the rhetoric from the Kemmynites ("The KKowethas is an organisation for ALL Cornish speakers." A quote from 'Loatheday' at a MAGA Lostwithiel meeting). Behind the scenes, it is and always has been skullduggery as usual from them.

…but this time we have solid orthography and a good argument.

We have several 'solid' orthographies, as well as good arguments, and have done for some time.

We cannot accept being eclipsed,

…and it would be foolish to underestimate the power of "Official" forms of Cornish in the eyes of first time learners.
It would, of course; but consider this: who has the largest quantity of good quality material for learners: books, ebooks, comics, graded readers, course books? It sure as  *hell* ain't KK or the SWF!

You want 40+ extra titles for learners and youngsters in KS, RLC…perhaps even SWF/T ? They're yours for the transcribing; see (1) above.

Eddie Climo
Gwask an Orlewen
'Kernewek Squyr—na scryf Ken!'

Dr. Jon Mills, 
University of Kent
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