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Agan Tavas is campaigning to get more Cornish taught in Cornwall's  
schools go to:  www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/teach-Cornish-schools/story-19878795-detail/story.html#axzz2gpm3Qlt1 
  to see a recent Western Morning News article.

While campaigns such as this are going on I don't think it is wise to  
publicly rock the boat. Once we get a greater take up of Cornish in  
schools there will be more opportunities to talk about and explain  
about traditional forms of Cornish.  If more schools do not take up  
lessons in or about Cornish then I  think we can safely say that the  
SWF has been a waste of time and that we may as well go back to the  
forms that we prefer and publicly campaign for them.

On 7 Hed 2013, at 16:47, Christian Semmens wrote:

> Jon's tactics are viable, but only if the collective representative  
> bodies of the traditional groups reject the SWF at its next  
> presentation. That will, of course be a matter for them and their  
> members to decide. Without their backing, it would be easy to  
> portray petitions as individual whining. Most of the people you  
> would be petitioning wouldn't care if it was written in Cyrillic.
> If not rejected, the SWF/M will be funded, it will preclude councils  
> from using traditional Cornish, It will mean KK style road signs, it  
> will preclude schools from teaching traditional graphs and result in  
> the playing field being firmly skewed against us more definitely  
> than at any time in the past.
> To sum up, I have got the feeling from comments on here in the past  
> that some consider the SWF a minor annoyance, and after this is  
> over, they can go back to doing what they did before. I don't think  
> that is the case at all.
> I suspect a clever game, whereby Kornish is the form that is funded,  
> seen and taught, whilst we have a traditional form that is  
> depreciated and hidden, unused by anyone because it is worse than  
> what we already have, but there if anyone asks, a sop to  
> "inclusiveness". The traditional groups will be left to go off and  
> do their thing quietly (which means fragmented business as usual)  
> and die off with their membership. Meanwhile broken KK, a spelling  
> form with built around a phonology that it no longer uses, is free  
> to masquerade as modern Cornish and moves into the future. Whilst we  
> quibble over the number of i's and y's that can sit on the head of a  
> pin until it doesn't matter any more, as they will be buried under a  
> time of Ks and double consonants and we will be buried under the  
> ground.
> Christian
> On 7 October 2013 14:09, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org>  
> wrote:
> With regard to Eddie's excellent publications, it is to be noted  
> that, although MAGA does announce their publication, they do not  
> receive promotion or support from MAGA thereafter, even if written  
> in SWF/T.  Nor do Michael's and Nicholas's publications.  On the  
> other hand, SWF/M publications (however few) DO get mentioned again  
> and again.  No one will ever convince me that this is sheer accident.
> Craig
> On 2013 Hed 7, at 13:37, Jon Mills wrote:
>> In order for the SWF project to survive, it has to have consensual  
>> support from all parties. If a substantial number of Cornish  
>> speakers lobby, MPs and councillors, saying that they object to  
>> their taxes being used to fund an orthography that they reject, if  
>> they lobby heads of schools to say that they object to their  
>> children being taught the SWF, and if people take direct action  
>> against signage in the SWF (by removing it ot altering it), then  
>> the CLP and the SWF project will not survive. There is no  
>> alternative to genuine consensus, and consensus requires  
>> accomodation of all the various strands and preferences of the  
>> Cornish language community as a whole.
>> Jon

Ray Chubb


Agan Tavas web site:  www.agantavas.com

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