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Philip Newton philip.newton at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 13:25:30 BST 2013

I recently received the following message (indirectly) from MAGA,
concerning the review of the SWF.

The Excel file is a slightly expanded and clarified version of the
"Collated issues for SWF review" document that I have seen before; it
provides a little bit more information about the occasionally
extremely brief headers ("varying vowel & consonant values" -- what,
precisely, is the problem of the submitter? etc.) in that document,
and also contains suggested resolutions for each point.

While the document does not say so explicitly, I presume that the
suggested resolutions are those of the submitter of the issue rather
than of MAGA or the SWF review board, and that they represent possible
modifications to be discussed by the board rather than decisions
already (mostly) taken by the SWF review board.

As could probably be expected, some of the suggested changes would
bring the SWF closer to KS, some to KK, and some will move it in a
third direction.

(As an aside, I wonder what the "unfortunate or risible spellings" of
point 56 are that the digraph _oo_ gives rise to. I've heard it
suggested that _poos_ "heavy" may be one such word, but would be
curious to know for sure what was intended by that submission. On the
other hand, Cornish already has _pymp_ and _whor_, and it should be no
surprise that words in one language may, by chance, resemble words in
another one -- sometimes even "unfortunate or risible" ones. Examples
available on request.)

The Excel spreadsheet also contains two additional sheets
("Opportunities" and "Advantages") with 20 points each, which are not
present in the PDF file. Those 40 points are mere bullet points,
though, and I found it difficult to discern their intention in most


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Dhiworth MAGA, Keskowethyans an Taves Kernewek:
>From MAGA, The Cornish Language Partnership:

I would like to draw your attention to the extended list of issues
which the Review Board released for comment (attached in Excel and PDF
formats - they are the same document). The list clarifies further the
issues submitted and suggestions for changes made.
The Board is keen to receive any further comments there may be as a
result of this clarification as soon as possible, as the results of
the review are due to be published in late November, to go to the
December meeting of the Partnership.
Comments should be directed to me at the MAGA office (see below) so
that I can duplicate and distribute them to Board members.

Yn lel,
Jenefer Lowe
Development Manager / Dyghtyer displegya
Cornish Language Partnership / Keskowethyans an Taves Kernewek
Cornwall Council / Konsel Kernow
Dalvenie House / Chi Dalvenie
County Hall / Lys Kernow
internal tel: pell. ajy: 493465
tel: / pell: 01872 323465
email / ebost: jlowe at cornwall.gov.uk
website / gwiasva : www.magakernow.org.uk
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