[Spellyans] SWF Y (was Re: Falmouth)

Philip Newton philip.newton at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 19:37:41 BST 2014

On 29 April 2014 20:25, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:
> Y in SWF is already short

That’s not my understanding; Y in monosyllabic words followed by a
single consonant is nearly always long, as in the bÿs words (e.g. bys,
pyth, prys, dydh, gwydh, pryv).

(There are exceptions, of course, typically in unstressed words such
as y(th), bys ‘until’, or hy ‘her’—but my ‘I’ is long since it’s not a
possessive adjective.)

Similarly with stressed final syllables in words of more than one
syllable, e.g. dohajydh, neppyth, keffrys.

Of course, there are speakers who have a short vowel sound in such
words, but the SWF dictionary recommends a long vowel sound.

Both Y and I can be either long or short in the SWF.


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