[Spellyans] SWF review results.

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sat Apr 5 20:28:43 BST 2014

On 5 Apr 2014, at 16:20, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:

> SWF doesn't use final -y., except in a few cases such as pronouns <my> and <ty> (another SWF inconsistency)  

Yes, it does. SWF allows -y in all polysyllables if you are using traditional graphs. 

It only forbids them for the whi/whei class of words, forcing traditionalists to use a non-traditional graph. 

> It uses final -i.  So -y could be used for -i/-ei.  Unless I've omitted something in my thinking.

You have. But it is because the SWF engineered -i/-ei solely for the ease of computer conversion between SWF/T and SWF/K, which they don’t ever bother to do anyway. They couldn’t even issue their dictionary in a suitable format for SWF/T users. And then they say that the status quo is just ducky. 

> If I'm correct in this it would also give us <hy>, <ny>, <why> <anjy>.   <My and <ty> would have to be respelt <mi, ti>

In KS, actually, we write me, te, hy, ny, why, anjy. 

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