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> I'm also really more interested in what the later spellings, whether English-based or not, seem to tell us about later pronunciation

And that’s a fine thing. And we’ve got a pretty good handle on the differences thanks in part to the work Dick Gendall did. He was able to use those spellings to work out elements of the pronunciation. That’s fine. (He also probably made finer distinctions in some cases than was warranted, but that’s another thing.)

But that is a different thing from saying that those English-based spellings should be the basis for a robust orthography for Cornish. All of Dick Gendall’s many experimental orthographies sowed more confusion  than clarity. 

It is really gratifying to hear from people like Francis Bennett that with only a little practice she finds it easy enough to read KS. I suggest that this is because the orthography does a good job representing the important features of the two dialects of the revived language. 

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