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Thanks for reminding us of this useful phrase. You actually have it in your dictionary in the phrase: 

"as you made your bed, so must you lie on it del wrusta kewera dha wely, yndella y res dhys growedha ynno" 


On Apr 7, 2014, at 2:19 PM, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> I may have mentioned this matter before. If so, I apologise. It is just that I am translating a text in which beds are made.
> 'To make the bed' in English means to get the bed ready to sleep in, to straighten the sheets and blankets, or whatever.
> In Welsh 'to make the bed' is cyweirio y gwely. In Irish one says an leaba a chóiriú. Leaba 'bed' replaces an earlier folige which is identical in origin with gwely < *wolige-
> The Welsh cyweirio and the Irish cóiriú are etymologically related, being based on an adjective *ko(m)-wari- 'correct, tidy, accurate'.
> This adjective occurs once in Cornish in the expression bum pur gewar desezys 'a blow very accurately placed' PA 138b. The derived verb would
> be *kewera 'to fit, to arrange', which is not attested, though Nance includes it in his 1938 dictionary;  keweras 'fulfilment' is attested at PA 83d.
> My late mother-in-law from County Armagh never said 'make the bed' but always 'straighten the bed' and this would seem
> to reflect the expression used in the Irish of her recent ancestors.
> I think it is very likely that the Insular Celtic peoples, when getting beds ready for sleeping, used a phrase like
> *kom-war- sindo- wolige-.
> I would suggest, therefore, that for making the bed in Cornish we say kewera an gwely, e.g. res yw dhybm kewera an gweliow lebmyn.
> Nicholas
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