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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Mon Apr 7 19:09:33 BST 2014

On 7 Apr 2014, at 18:31, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:

> It is not acceptable to me to be put down and, basically, ridiculed at every given opportunity simply because I offer a differing point of view that I view as valid.

I responded, politely, explaining the grounds for considering the orthography of many place-names to be different from the orthography of texts in the Cornish language. 

> When offering a valid point of view, as I have about an historically prominent use of <oe>,  I do not expect to be responded to rudely, or with contempt.  I offered it for courteous discussion.  

And I offered courteous discussion .

> Not "Dammit, Craig!”

That, Craig, was offered in frustration *after* your harshly dismissive response to my discussion of your point. 

It seemed to me that you hadn’t read what I had written. What I had written was not an attack. But in fact, I felt that you had attacked *me*, telling me that I was “tossing aside evidence as worthess” when I had never said any such thing. 

> The problem with the language revival all along has been one person or another believing that they are infallibly right and everyone else wrong so, until I receive an apology and assurance that, in future, all points of view will be treated with respect and courtesy, I do not intend any further participation in the Spellyans group.  I suggest that you give serious thought to this.

I would like you to review the correspondence. My “dammit” was written because *I* felt hard done by by *you*. Now of course internet discussion may attract misunderstanding. I am sorry if you misunderstand me. I assume that you may be sorry if I misunderstand you. 

But I would like you to review the correspondence. I think my response to your first point about ‹oe› was not dismissive of the value of place-names. It *did* explain why we do not consider ‹oe› to be a core graph of the scribal tradition which is the basis for our orthography. 

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