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Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Tue Apr 8 08:45:28 BST 2014

Let's face it folks "dammit" is inflammatory language.  There are  
better linguist than myself here who can confirm this.

It is not the first time that such language has been used on this list.

When I attend our church, even for something like a book sale, I am  
guarded in the language that I use. 'Blimey' might be the strongest  
expression. When I go to the pub I may use stronger language although  
I will not deliberately blaspheme. Had Michael said "dammit Craig"   
over a pint of beer possibly he would not have been offended but as we  
all know things written in e-mails can be misinterpreted. I suggest  
that on this list we restrict ourselves to church language.

On 7 Ebr 2014, at 19:09, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 7 Apr 2014, at 18:31, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org>  
> wrote:
>> It is not acceptable to me to be put down and, basically, ridiculed  
>> at every given opportunity simply because I offer a differing point  
>> of view that I view as valid.
> I responded, politely, explaining the grounds for considering the  
> orthography of many place-names to be different from the orthography  
> of texts in the Cornish language.
>> When offering a valid point of view, as I have about an  
>> historically prominent use of <oe>,  I do not expect to be  
>> responded to rudely, or with contempt.  I offered it for courteous  
>> discussion.
> And I offered courteous discussion .
>> Not "Dammit, Craig!”
> That, Craig, was offered in frustration *after* your harshly  
> dismissive response to my discussion of your point.
> It seemed to me that you hadn’t read what I had written. What I had  
> written was not an attack. But in fact, I felt that you had attacked  
> *me*, telling me that I was “tossing aside evidence as worthess”  
> when I had never said any such thing.
>> The problem with the language revival all along has been one person  
>> or another believing that they are infallibly right and everyone  
>> else wrong so, until I receive an apology and assurance that, in  
>> future, all points of view will be treated with respect and  
>> courtesy, I do not intend any further participation in the  
>> Spellyans group.  I suggest that you give serious thought to this.
> I would like you to review the correspondence. My “dammit” was  
> written because *I* felt hard done by by *you*. Now of course  
> internet discussion may attract misunderstanding. I am sorry if you  
> misunderstand me. I assume that you may be sorry if I misunderstand  
> you.
> But I would like you to review the correspondence. I think my  
> response to your first point about ‹oe› was not dismissive of the  
> value of place-names. It *did* explain why we do not consider ‹oe›  
> to be a core graph of the scribal tradition which is the basis for  
> our orthography.
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